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Parents are our partners

We work with parents to support their children with their development. From learning the skills to start school, to enjoying physical activity and understanding a healthy diet. 

Starting school

We provide a positive learning experience to build confidence in your child and encourage them to become more independent. We ensure your child gains the social, personal and emotional skills needed to start school. 

We work in partnership with you to help your child learn to dress themselves, put shoes & costs on and we even offer support with potty training.

What's more, we liaise with local schools to arrange settling sessions with your chosen school helping your child to feel excited about starting at 'big school'.

Fine Motor Skills.jpg

Health & wellbeing

We understand the importance of physical play and encourage your children to take part by providing free-flow access to the outdoor area.


Additionally, we provide PE lessons to promote physical health and to practice their newfound skills in getting themselves changed. 


We also provide healthy choices at snack time to promote an understanding of a healthy diet.   

New starters

Here at Ullesthorpe Pre-school, we understand how important it is to you for your child to feel settled and happy. That is why we provide settling sessions that are tailored to you and your child's needs. 

We encourage parents to stay with their child initially and then gradually reduce this time when your child feels settled and confident on their own. 

During this time, we try to find out everything about your child and their current routine to help them settle and feel secure and happy when they are with us. 


Policies and Procedures

Take a look at our policies and procedures around the running of our pre-school and in the care of your child(ren).


Come and explore our setting

Come and see for yourself, explore our setting  and meet the team.

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