We’re committed to providing an environment to stimulate children’s play, learning and development.  Our classroom provides children with the opportunity to take part in developmental activities, including maths and English skills, art and craft, friendship, self care and role play. We centre our curriculum around child led learning.


Children will have access to the outdoor area all day and throughout the whole school year, regardless of the weather, so please dress your child appropriately. They will have access to:

* A secure covered area with sandpit, water play area and play house   

* Chalkboard and magnetic wipe board.

* A wide selection of ride-on vehicles e.g. balance bikes, trikes, scooters and tractors.

* Sports equipment e.g. balls, rackets, stilts, beanbags, parachute.


The children are able to make their own choices and decisions about their play and learning experiences and each space has a range of resources available to them, including:

* Paints

* Musical instruments

* Puzzles

* Books

* Malleable materials e.g. play dough, gloop

* dressing up

* Small world equipment e.g. dolls house, farm, happy land, castle

* Construction equipment e.g. K’nex, duplo, stickle bricks.