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    Term Dates, Holidays and Fees

    At Ullesthorpe Preschool we follow the Leicestershire school holiday calendar

    Opening Hours

      Monday to Friday

       9:00-12:00 £12.50

       9:00-13:00 £16.50

      12:00-15:00 £12.50

       9:00-3:00 £25.00

    We accept a range of funding: 

    2 Year 

    3 Year  

    30 hours



    Mission Statement

    At Ullesthorpe PreSchool we aim to be the centre of excellence for children and to be well respected within the community. It is our purpose to provide a positive learning environment with qualified and experienced staff that remain professional, experienced, kind and supportive to enable our children to develop successfully in their physical, emotional social and educational needs.

    We are committed to establishing strong relationships with parents/carers by creating a bond between home and preschool to ensure effective continuity.  We seek to provide many ways for effective communication between the two, including regular updates through 1-1 meetings, newsletters and our notice board to share information like your child`s achievement, experiences and progress along with any difficulties that may arise.  Feedback from our parents/carers is important to us and from this continued support, we carry on improving our care and ensuring we continue to provide a happy and safe environment whilst encouraging their confidence and independence along the way.

    Our staff are not only committed to working as part of a team but also contribute in a positive way to continue to improve the setting with staff working to continue their own professional development.

    We work hard to bring routine to the children with opportunities to develop by providing activities and experiences every day which are planned, according to the individual child`s interests by following the “Early Years Foundation Stage”.

    Our practice incorporates positive opportunities for children reflecting the diversity and addressing issues of race, culture, gender and disability offering equal access to all.  We also work in partnership with outside agencies to enhance children`s development.



    Ullesthorpe Preschool Team

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    Preschool Manager 

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    Preschool teacher

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    Preschool teacher 


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